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Dust-off road treatment has been used by the mining, logging, vineyard and many other agriculture industries as well as state and local governmants to control and maintain travel surfaces since 1983.

    The Goal is cost-effective dust control. The concern is corrosion, longevity and road stability. The answer is Dust-Off!

    Unlike most dust control products that bind or glue the soil particles together, Dust-off road treatment acts to maintain optimum moisture in the road particles. This provides two benifits: It controls dust and provides a highly compacted travel surface.
  •     Dust-Off takes care of dust.... Dust-off is hydroscopic. It absorbs moisture from the air and retains this moisture in the top two inches of the road covering. By utilizing the moisture in the air, Dust-off mutiplies its ability to hold down dust- giving you more dust supression per gallon. Thats money saved.
  • ...and the road. Proper moisture is essential to obtain optimum compaction. Maintaing moisture in the road surface results in an extremely hard travel surface which reduces maintenance cost. Wash-boarding and peeling of treated surface areas are just a few of the problems that are minimized.
        In Addition to dust control, Dust-Off road treatment also acts to provide soil stabilization. Dust-Off is a specially formulated magnesium chloride that includes an anti-corrosive agent. Dust-off road treatment is the only domestic magnesium chloride that is derived from sea water.
    Dust-off is best sprayed in the late spring. Please contact our office to set-up an account and a date for a road evaluation. 

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